About ElleYANA

When I was sixteen, I discovered the rock scene with a cover band, where I took on the lead vocals. I also found my love for Tina Turner's songs there. I took part in several singing competitions and ... a beauty pageant. I learned a lot in terms of stage presence. 

People are never sand in their own country, which also ensured that I developed my career on the Côte d'Azur. Once experience and name were built up there, Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey, Switzerland, Thailand, and Japan... In addition, I have often collaborated with well-known Flemish artists whose list I will keep for myself :) 

Today I perform at private and company parties, sing in public and organize all kinds of events with my formulas tailored to the customer. I can provide an evening of entertainment solo and with a pianist or full band, ranging from blues and jazz to rock & roll or contemporary music. I can take care of the presentation, if you have something to announce, interspersed with music and singing. If you want to end the evening with a DJ set, I will take care immediately. 

I am also part of a French trio with 2 fantastic musicians, Rein and Herman. With the Trio 'A Bout de Souffle', we offer a program for fans of the famous French chanson. Champs-Elysées, L'été Reeks, Gigi L'amoroso, Tombe la neige, Les lacs du Connemara, Les filles du bord de mer… All the grand chansons of the 60s and 70s are reviewed. We would like to hear your favourite songs from that period and are happy to adjust the program. The trio is mobile and moves easily. And with the songbooks of 'A Bout de Souffle', this becomes an authentic café chantant, an evening full of exuberant singing in French style! 

 Oh yes, and with my alter ego Babbette, I make fun and not too serious songs. 

You see, I am a versatile artist, and I love to share my great passion with you .... singing and entertainment. 

Feel free to contact me as I would like to hear all your wishes. 



Step by step

Discovering stages

My first steps in entertainment taste for more

Now it’s for real

ElleYana is born

My passion becomes my profession

A Bout de Souffle

Never out of breath

With my two fellow musicians we bring french songs from the 7Oties